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You get along great asfriends, but when it comes to saying whatyou're feeling, it's a little harder to say. It's pretty much understood, though, that youtwo share a deep bond, despite inevitableseparation. He's almostall around selfish, has a bad ego, and ispretty absorbed in running Kaiba Corporationbut I think you can handle him. "Scorpio's strength isa perfect bulwalk for Pisces's indecisivness.Thereforeyou get a picture that only shows one side ofhis face (but it IS a sexy side)! Anywho, who wouldn'tlove him, his friends, and enimies for thatmatter, trust him with their lives. people suspect you two because your from the samespiecies, and one of you looks kinda pervertedand evil, some fans write fan fics or weirdcomics about you.

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Your one of thosekind of people who love 2 dance and..havefun! He just doesn't know how toshow it and when he does, he doesn't show itoften. Pisces's flair adds spiceto Scropio's desires, and the intense emotionalneeds of both signs neatly compliment eachother. You think you are the center of the world, youlittle theif!