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24-Nov-2018 02:23

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There's already enough pressure when it comes to dating, why add more stress and think about the age thing if you really like this dude? It’s pretty common for men to date younger women – which is exactly why dating older women is so enjoyable.No matter how hot, smart, or successful she is, an older woman will always be afraid you’re going to leave her for a younger one.It’s the one thing she can’t compete with, and she’s smart enough to know youth in women, by itself, is attractive.

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We literally talked for 20 minutes and then went and had sex. Because there are a ton of fantastic advantages you can experience by dating older women. Here are just 6 (though there are many more) of the best things about dating older women.It’s flattering for an older woman when a guy passes up on the younger girls in favor of her.Are you dating an older fellow or thinking about dipping your toes into that more mature water? Or, in Jess's (Zooey Deschanel's character, for those of you who aren't fans yet) case, don't ask about his health: "How's your prostate? Our bodies are decaying."DO relish in the fact that guys get better looking with age, but you'll always be the hot, younger girlfriend.

Well, my dears, you've come to the right place. DON' T complain about turning "halfway to 50" when he's "one year til 30".When I was 23, my friend taught me one of life’s greatest lessons: Older women make decisions fast.It was this that led to my first experience with an older woman.I’m not saying you can’t check out younger women when you’re alone, but when you’re together, this is an absolute no-no.

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