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I don’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want to play up her appearance by styling her hair, using a little makeup, and wearing attractive clothes.

She looks better, she looks interested in making a good impression on me, and I feel good about taking her out. If it’s heavy with your professional and academic accomplishments and short on personality traits, it’s time to rewrite it, as well as the “script” you friend use to describe you to potential dates.

Fourth: Being too open about your past and your feelings.

I know I’m guilty of this at times, I over spill my emotions regularly, but I don’t think that’s always a bad thing.

Get to know a little about each other, see how comfortable you feel talking, let him see the way you smile and learn what you have in common.

Don’t get into a heated political discussion or hear the fine details about your ‘crusade’.

Having an opinion is never to their detriment and she certainly wouldn’t want her husband to just back down and agree, however much it might make her life easier. If we’re looking for religious back up (this is Aish after all), then we need look no further than the text of Eishet Chayil (The Woman of Valour), which states “She opens her mouth with wisdom and a lesson of kindness is on her tongue”. A Jewish environment is one of the few places in which I’ve felt that a woman won’t be judged for not being the prettiest or best dressed.

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Dating with a view to marriage obviously involves getting to know a person, if you’re not going to tell each other everything because you don’t feel the other person wants to know, then really what is the point? Admittedly she doesn’t appear to have had a romantic interest in the modern sense, but does anyone in the Torah? So girls, let’s just sit around and wait for them, maybe if we put on enough make up and never tell anyone what we think about immigration or Shakespeare then maybe, just maybe, our prince will come.

You’re going to need a friend to make this compromise work, they’re going to need to know how you deal with things and what goes on in your head. It’s largely irrelevant what her feelings were, not everyone wants to marry for passionate love, Esther pushed her agenda and she was empowered. Some extra info: About Aish: The original article:

s=mpw&mobile=yes Disclaimer: I am in no way a religious expert, or dating guru, the opinions expressed here are merely my response to the article on

That’s not what first dates are about…or second dates.

Save those deep, impassioned discussions for after you know each other a little more and want to know more about what makes each other tick.”2. “If a man doesn’t feel attracted to a woman within the first few dates, he’s probably going to lose interest.It’s fine to know that she’s a lawyer or a stock broker or a physical therapist, but she should save the rest for Linked In.I’m looking for a wife, not a business associate.”4. You clicked right away with the new guy you’re dating.This is very similar to point number one: that a man will not find you attractive if you’re intelligent or ambitious or capable et c. Historically considered to be one of the most attractive women is Cleopatra.