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I have worked to expose water issues with the media, held protests in relation to the actions of the grocery giants; I have set up numerous markets, and helped others with my own time and money to ensure avenues for producer’s to get a fair price for their product, which now feed over 20,000 South Australians.In Enfield, Parafield, Salisbury, Lights-view and Gawler.I am presently in the courts, full bench of the Supreme Court, fighting for the rights of Farmers markets and community events and fund raisers in general, so I do not back down on important issues as an individual.So I would not back down as an elected representative.I do what I can to help the community, during fires and other disasters I am on the ground and shut my business until everything that can be done is.I help raise money for those in need, to fund critical needs of the disabled and to support for those animal carers in sanctuary's and shelters.

I want to help make SA a better place to live for our children and for future generations – this includes increasing job opportunities, making where we live safer, reducing the cost of living and reducing the impact we’re having on the environment.0,recommended Playlist=video Details.recommended Video Playlist

This will reduce inequality, improve opportunities and bring back hope for our young people.

Unlike the local Political party representatives, I do not fear open debate, unvetted questions and answering to you.