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Could the new dates signal a return to the studio too?

Tickets for the upcoming tour go on sale Friday, preceded by a fan club pre-sale Tuesday at 10 a.m.

While Lee has hinted about all the “bullshit” that went on, Moody has remained mum. In a post to an Evanescence fan site, Moody ended seven years of silence to talk about his relationship with Lee, the in-fighting that led to his exit, and the fans of Evanescence who attack him and his new band, We Are the Fallen.

“For once, I am not going to paint the sugar coated pleasant version of events,” he wrote.

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The crossover metal act broke the news Monday (Aug. Equilibrium guitarist Jen Majura took his place when Evanescence returned to the stage for a trio of U. shows ahead of a Japanese Ozziest gig last November.

tour for this fall, its first since returning from a 2012-15 hiatus. This period saw the departure of longtime guitarist Terry Balsamo and the band’s release from Wind-Up Records, which frontwoman Amy Lee had sued for unpaid royalties.

It’s encouraging news for Evanescence fans, who have had to remain patient since the band took a break from the road in late 2012.

“I’m going to tell you exactly what happened.” On Lee and his departure from Evanescence:“A cruel fact of life is that the person you are at 15, doesn’t resemble the person you are at 18 and 21…

and today I in no way resemble the person I was when I was in Evanescence.For the last year, the song has "followed me around and haunted me," he said, and it chipped away at his reputation."People would say to me, 'Yeah, man, I know what you're going through,' and I was like, 'No, I don't think you do,' " Morgan explained.In any relationship, I don't think it's right to say and do those things when people break up, and she obviously felt the need to go out there and make me sound like a complete a--hole. But I didn't feel the need to write back and be mean." Instead, the Howard Benson-produced Finding Beauty — which the band hopes to begin mixing next week — boasts "Breakdown," a song some might interpret as Morgan's answer to "Sober." But that's not the case.

Aug 22, 2016. Evanescence has announced a full-fledged U. S. tour for this fall, its first since returning from a 2012-2015 hiatus. Beginning Oct. 28 in Dallas, they'll embark on a 16-date U. S. tour which will carry them to the day before Thanksgiving.… continue reading »

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