Aquarius woman dating an aquarius male

28-Nov-2018 02:12

She values openness, and self-expression and she prefers long walks on windy beaches to cuddling on the sofa.Everything about how compatible are Taurus man and Aquarius woman is right here. And, you may be here because you have a lot of doubts about is behavior, Aquarius. Of course, the sparks more than likely just flew around you when you first met.Insecure, comfort-loving Taurus men are very aware of what people expect of them as men, so they often hide their soft, suspicious, girly side under a macho, thick skin.A high-minded Aquarian woman needs to handle the selfish bull’s antics with consummate skill.The trick to bringing out the honest, loving and gentle nature of a Taurus man, is to treat him the way you would treat a fragile, female friend.Shower him with compliments, reassure and appreciate him, without ever letting on that you see right through his bravado or think he is silly.

But, you can turn things around fairly easily if that’s the case.

When you mix conservative Taurus and unconventional Aquarius, you get an oil and water situation.