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He describes it as “half-an-hour of stand-up, and then it’s characters and music and animation”.And, as with Luxury Comedy, there is also music recorded by Fielding and Sergio Pizzorno, of Kasabian (for whose 2014 Glastonbury show the aforementioned fright-mask was in fact made). ’ So it’s quite absurd.” Barely less absurd is that Meeten is playing Hispanic film star Antonio Banderas.Despite Paloma's best efforts, Sarah's security was just too secure but she's great mates with the boys from JLS.She explained how Oritse was her knight in shining armour recently when he put an HMV salesman in his place after he was mean about her.He won the Perrier best newcomer award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1998 – as half of oddball duo The Mighty Boosh, with Julian Barratt – and, four years later, made the main-prize shortlist with with his solo début, the intoxicating shot of pastoral eccentricity Voodoo Hedgehog.Between 20, there followed three Boosh series on BBC Three - “little fairy-tales” as Fielding now puts it – whose cult popularity gradually burgeoned to the point where the pair’s 2008-2009 live tour was filling arenas and raking in millions and Fielding had become a national heart-throb.He admits, for example, to having been exhausted by that 2008-2009 tour, which saw Barratt and him perform to roughly a quarter-of-a-million people.“It was like being in Aerosmith or something,” he says.

Along with Fielding favourite The Moon, and Luxury Comedy’s Joey Ramone, Fantasy Man and Sergeant Raymond Boombox, there are also some tantalising new characters, and not merely that celestial body’s evil alter ego, Dark Side of the Moon. And there’s a new character called Chicken Man, who’s half man, half chicken, and has got Chicken Tourette’s." Chicken Tourette’s? He flips between being a Southern lady, like in A Streetcar Named Desire, and being a sort of insane Foghorn Leghorn. Once you’ve been flattened by a fridge, it’s fine.” Although Fielding has clearly survived his own fridge-collision with élan, he is already twice the age that both his mother (a Home Office employee) and father (a post-office manager) were when they had him.Paloma Faith came into the Live Lounge and performed her new single New York and a fantastic cover of David Guetta featuring Akon's Sexy Chick She talked about what is was like working with Heath Ledger on his last film, 'The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus'.It's Safe to say that she and Sarah Harding didn't become best buddies on the set of St Trinian's.(During a telly interview around the time of that tour, when the pair were asked if there were any questions that people often asked either of them, Barratt instantly and brilliantly replied, “Yes – 'Where’s Noel?

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