Are robert pattinson and camille belle dating

29-Jun-2018 22:25

I don't even have people's phone numbers," he said.

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Robert and Camilla (both 22) lunched together at Three Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Rpattz was seen being the perfect gentleman — opening and closing Camilla‘s car door.

"And then it gets printed: 'On the set, he proposed multiple times.' " When the magazine asked Stewart about the incident, she revealed that this is one of the actor's fatal flaws. ' That's the extent of it." But he does admit that Belle is "the nicest — she's a saint.

"He probably proposes to several girls a day," she said. He thinks it's cute." Let's also not forget the rumor that he is in a love triangle with Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas. And it's funny that she's being portrayed as this home-wrecker.The casually dressed pair hit Three Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard for a spot of lunch and, from the looks of it, some serious quality time.The two laughed together and strolled the popular street (a haunt to local celebs like Julia Roberts).While Camilla’s publicist denies she’s been seeing Rob, the friend added: “She and Rob have been meeting up with each other for months, and she talks about him all the time.” But Joe Jonas isn’t the only guy smarting from 23-year-old Rob’s mega-pull on Hollywood’s young beauties.

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