Avoid dating losers

23-Oct-2018 07:00

Are you getting weird responses when you ask for the person's schedule and vague contact messages like, “Speak soon” or “Let's touch base later on? When you've finally given up hope, the breadcrumber psychically senses your absence. Now, the game begins again with more flattery and alluring bait... It's a constant cycle of back and forth, with no real destination at the end. Winter says, By confronting the breadcrumber, you're showing that you're smarter than he or she might have expected.

There are two ways to fight the breadcrumbing once you've recognized the common signs. You're effectively removing the attention the breadcrumber needs to thrive, and are therefore affecting his or her self-esteem.

Texts, comments on social media, perhaps even an extended conversation or meeting — all of which is crafted to hook you romantically. Signs of breadcrumbing include texts sent when you can't answer and calls made when the person knows you can't pick up.

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You kept your flirty exchange going on for a while... You've been waiting for more concrete plans, phone calls, or even just a little attention. Often promoted as the new "ghosting," breadcrumbing is when a guy leads you on with texts, calls and maybe even plans to meet up... As NYC relationship expert and bestselling author Susan Winter puts it, Breadcrumbing is the conscious act of leading someone on for the thrill of the ego boost. Designed to lure in one's prey through attention, flattery and sexual intrigue, breadcrumbing is completely self-serving.No woman really wants to date a player, but for some reason a lot of females are attracted to them.Newsflash: a player has and wants no future with you.A relationship with an insecure man is bound to be a chore.