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09-Jul-2018 14:44

Shipped on Board Date and Bill of Lading date If you are involved in global trade, exports, trade financing or in the banking sector, especially where documentary credits like a Letter of Credit is involved, you might have noticed the term SHIPPED ON BOARD mentioned..This is an important notation on the Bill of Lading..Cases of backdating employee stock options have drawn public and media attention.According to a study by Erik Lie, a finance professor at the University of Iowa, more than 2,000 companies used options backdating in some form to reward their senior executives between 19.The SEC’s opinions regarding backdating and fraud were primarily due to the various tax rules that apply when issuing “in the money” stock options versus the much different – and more financially beneficial – tax rules that apply when issuing “at the money” or "out of the money" stock options.

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In the modern business world, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has all but eliminated fraudulent options backdating by requiring companies to report all options issuances within 2 days of the date of issue.

Options backdating may still occur under the new reporting regulations, but Sarbanes-Oxley compliant backdating is far less likely to be used for dishonest reasons due to the short time frame that is allowed for reporting.

As a result, numerous companies are conducting internal investigations to determine if, when, and how backdating occurred, and are filing amended earnings statements and tax forms to show the issuance of “in the money” options in place of the “at the money” options that were previously reported.

There seems to be some confusion between the terms Shipped on Board date and Bill of Lading date prompting questions like This notation may be in the form of a stamp or typed in the body of the bill of lading and is shown along with a date..

This is the Shipped on Board Date which denotes the date on which the container was loaded on board the ship..In response to Question 2 “ So if a bill of lading is issued without a Shipped on Board date, the date of issuance of the bill of lading will be considered as the Shipped on Board date..If a date is shown along with the Shipped on Board notation in the body of the bill of lading, then that date becomes the Shipped on Board Date In terms of Question 3 ““, technically and legally speaking, a bill of lading shouldn’t be issued and is normally never issued without a date on it..This is not always the case, according to a ruling by federal judge William Alsup of the U. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The correct dating of the bill of lading is a matter of great importance. It is material in the context of the contract of carriage, the contract of sale and the.… continue reading »

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It is when the shipper requests the shipping line to show the Shipped on Board date on the bill of lading as a date before the. Shipping and Freight Resource.… continue reading »

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Options backdating is the practice of altering the date a stock option was granted, to a usually earlier but sometimes later date at which the underlying stock.… continue reading »

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Shipped on Board Date and Bill of Lading date - can these two dates be different. What are the implications if they are same or different.… continue reading »

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