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20-Jun-2018 22:53

Nevertheless, this is about as far from black metal as you can get and still be dark and scary. It has been frequently anthologized, however, which makes it a pretty important story.

There’s a reason why I like to read author’s works in chronological order, and reading this story now confirms that for me.

It’ s another dark electronic soundtrack with more great drums.

The final song, “Of Wolves and Withdrawal” is almost 9 minutes of very quiet noises that grow louder in pulses.

I was tempted to say that going from that first Ulver album to this one is a massive change.

But it seems that every Ulver record is a whiplash of stylistic changes.

Track three, “Limbo Central (Theme from Perdition City)” is less than 4 minutes long.

It seems to be three sections of different pulsing sounds.