Being old fashioned dating

22-Jul-2018 20:04

In return i would of course expect the role reversal to extend to me getting groped whilst me hands are in the sink!!

I'm no one's slave I believe in equality in a relationship ie if I cook then he can wash the pots or vice versa.

If he wants to hoover, dust, make the beds and clean the bathroom and toilet thats a bonus.. I know of some house-husbands because that works best for fairness the wording is wrong..afterall if it us your choice then you are not a slave.

I supppose when it come to making a meal after work, if your the first in prepare and maybe even cook it, but then he does the dishes and puts them away..a relationship is a partnership.on that very basis all jobs should be shared. I am just astounded that you would not want to be equal.

It’s a small gesture that takes literally almost no effort (unless you don’t have a car and have to buy one in order to make the gesture, in which case, maybe don’t worry about it).

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Yep im pretty old fashioned too Trish, hope that i have the right balance tho as i was watching Wife Swap the other day and the guy on there really bugged me expecting his bath to be run.

i cannot understand your choice, but it is yours to make. There's only my daughter and me so we both do as we please but if I lived with a man and we both worked, I hope we could share the chores. Me and my ex used to share as we both worked full time..

If you dont mind doing it though Trish that's fine too. but i say no as i feel he works alot harder than me... First one in puts the dinner on & both wash the pots sounds about right.. Infact it was me in the end with my sons mother who did the ironing as she hated it.

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Im my humble opinion there is no 'place' its equals or hit the road jack.. but i do think its my place to have a cooked meal ready for my partner when he comes home from work... I do think i should do the washing up after dinner... Im my opinion i cant see how any man could respect himself or you if he would not insist on taking a fair share? and pays for things that i couldn't possable afford to make our life MUCH more comfortable!! Gone are the days when I played the wife..*cough* not that I ever did..

It lets me know what to expect and doesn’t set anyone up for a letdown. But a small bouquet or a few tastefully picked flowers would actually be a super sweet and romantic gesture!