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A local MP, Richard Quashigah, has urged rejected applicants to take the GIS to court to recover the application fee.It is really unbelievable the sort of photos and videos that our actors have been sending out…And from the various screenshot conversations we’ve gone through so far, most of these men are asking for MONEY from the women—-let’s say, trying to scam the cash out of them.They said that male professionals saw them naked, which they felt to be inappropriate."I would have loved that a woman examined me," Amina said.And that probably explains why the women are upset… Com has received 3 set of ding dong photos of Ghanaian Celebrities that were sent to some girls these celebrities were flirting on Whatsapp/BBM with—and for some reason, the women have decided to put them on blast.

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"It is not comfortable to go and lie down for a male to insert his fingers into your vagina to check you," Ghanaian Irene Convenience told DW.

"I didn't feel bad when a male midwife attended to me, since he was only doing his job," she said.

The Ghanaian Immigration Service (GIS) has disqualified candidates with bleached skin and stretch marks from a massive recruitment exercise.

Esther Dodoo, the Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Obstetric and Gynecology at the Tamale Teaching Hospital doesn't share the women’s concerns.

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"It will be wise if we continue training them, because they can at least leave their families in town and work in the hinterland, where they can save mothers," she told DW.

Those with tattoos, dreadlocks and "bow legs" were also disqualified from the exercise.