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Therefore, he entered England with a force of 10,000 foot soldiers and 4000 horse, a small force with which to conquer a great kingdom.With him were Churchill, Bentinck, (the first Earl of Portland), Earl of Shrewsbury, and Lord Polwarth, whose descendant is a prominent member of the Anglo-American banking establishment.The Warburgs of Hamburg had begun as the Abraham del Banco family, the largest bankers in Venice.An interesting technique is revealed by the Charter of the Bank of England: it was slipped through as part of a tonnage bill, which was later to become a recognized parliamentary technique.For a number of years, Medina, as chief army contractor, contributed an annual commission of 6000 pounds a year to Marlborough as his rakeoff on army contracts.In addition to his English supporters, who were previously loyal to King James II, William brought with him from Amsterdam the group of avaricious financiers who were also the suppliers of his armies.One of his first official acts was the conferring of knighthood on Solomon de Medina.Machado and Pereira provisioned his armies in Spain and Holland; Medina supplied Marborough in Flanders; Joseph Cortissot supplied Lord Galway in Spain, and Abraham Prado supplied the British army during the Seven Year War.

in 1697, and later became Governor of the Hudson Bay Company, which paid a 75% dividend; Lord Shrewsbury, who invested 10,000 pounds; Godolphin, who invested 7000 pounds -- he predicted that the Bank of England would not only finance trade, but would carry the burden of her wars, which was proven true in the next three hundred years.The Bank of Amsterdam was started in 1609; its members aided William in his conquest of England.The Bank of Hamburg was chartered in 1619; the Bank of Sweden began the practice of issuing notes in 1661.For this reason, the Rothschilds identified their key American banks with the code word "City".

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Early descriptions of the shareholders of the Bank of England identify them as "a Society of about 1300 persons".The Bank of England originated in a revolution, when William III, Prince of Orange, drove King James II from the throne.Since the Bank of England Charter was granted by William in 1694, there has never been another revolt against the Crown.Sidney Godolphin, one of James II's last adherents, joined with the Duke of Sunderland and the Duchess of Portsmouth in correspondence with William prior to his invasion of England, and was appointed head of the treasury by William.

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