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18-Oct-2018 13:00

Everyone knows Chicago is windy and cold, but not everyone is aware that 6 months of freezing temperatures are worth the 3 months of paradise that the summer offers.

Even in the winter, Chicagoans stay warm with our memories of the last summer and our anticipation of the next.

When you're still single, and your black & white dating story is still at a speculative stage, you're best served by keeping an open-mind.

But be wary of those who only see interracial dating as 'exotic', who fetishize being with someone of a different race, or are merely rebelling against their family - they're clearly in it for the wrong reasons.

Don’t let that deter you from dating outside your race, however. Spending time in the varied demographics of Chicago is a requirement of anyone who would be considered a Chicagoan.

My disclaimer to that statement is that I have only lived in Chicagoland for 3 years, but I firmly believe there’s a difference in living in Chicago, and being a Chicagoan.

That said, dating outside of your race is always a must but it’s especially enriching in Chicago (silver lining?

I think so.) In fact, if you’re NOT dating outside of your race in Chicago, then you’re doing it all wrong. Spending time in predominantly Black, or Latin, or Asian, or any other homogenous neighborhood is the only way to try the best foods, and (most importantly) meet the best people. You’re waiting for me to reveal the big secret of the dating world! Ask your black friends if they have any single friends. Ask your white friends if they have any single friends. Ask your nerdy friends if they have any single friends (and maybe visit the annual Comic-Cons, Anime-Cons, etc, yes I’m a nerd and I’m proud – fight me.).

Take comfort in the solid foundation of your relationship - face up to any and all stigma together.As I mentioned in my video interview with Christelyn, Chicago is a deeply segregated city.Due to a long history of redlining, gentrification, and white flight, your skin color has a lot more to do with your geographical location than a lot of other places in the USA.Coke is better than Pepsi and Mc Donald’s fries taste like floppy salted cardboard. Chicago Nightlife – Anywhere and Everywhere Going out at night in Chicago is a trip – nay, it’s THE trip. There are a million and one spots to hit, but my favorite is Lion Head Pub in Lincoln Park.

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Respectable pub on the first floor, outrageous club on the second floor.Admittedly, this all sounds easily said and your results will vary BUT take it from an introvert – it’s worth it to converse with your work colleagues, people at the bar, and your sister’s friend’s cousin’s mechanic to meet more people. Chicago is full of beautiful men and women of all colors, shapes, sizes, personality types, and cultures. In the biggest, most liberal cities, stigma is hardly a problem at all.

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