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19-Jul-2018 00:47

The results of the study showed that materialism and impulsiveness are what drove cell phone addiction in these university students.

"Cell phones are a part of our consumer culture," said James Roberts, Ph.

According to the Morningside Recovery Rehabilitation Center, the average American spends 144 minutes a day using their phone.

For those who suffer from nomopohbia, the fear of being disconnected from the virtual world is heightened when they are restrained from checking their phone.

The lives of cell phone addicts are so contingent on their need to feel socially connected on their phones that without mobile technology, they begin to express a sense of vulnerability that can trigger certain moods and behaviors."Cellphones are addictive in the same way slot machines are," said Dr.

Fran Walfish, child, couple, and family psychotherapist and author in Beverly Hills, Calif., to .

The participants were also asked how many years they owned a mobile device and how many hours they spent talking, emailing, and texting.

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In a study commissioned by Nokia, researchers found that the average person checks their phone every six-and-a-half minutes, reports .

Taking out your phone at the family dinner table can be an indicator of addictive behavior.

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