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So I come out to eat lunch and I overhear my dad and her talking about me, and her explaining to him what I did. I really wish she would just get kicked out of the house, or stop talking to me at the least.

She never spends any of her money, so she just expects everyone to buy...

Who tell there mom "No" and says later like its a good excuse "Obviously it was a joke" Then she starts to dry her... I was sick yesterday and my parents happened to be out of town so i stayed home by myself watching TV and sleeping all day. and when she doesn't, she tries to scream in a very large tone and she hits me. She's Face Time her bf and showing my sleeping face! I went No Contact in 2010 after being mentally and emotionally abused by her for 55 years and my life is peaceful, serene, and blissful. They are such ******** as I'm paying for their Starbucks or ice cream. I still care for her and don't wish death or anything but besides that I can't stand het as a person.

She's always saying stuff like 'why can't you be like my friend's sister', but to be honest I just act normal most of the time, but when she does those things I start to behave negatively in order to... whenever I'm watching something like a TV show she tells me to stop. today she went into my You Tube account to check my history. Sometimes No Contact is the only option you have left, after exhausting all lifetime attempts to make the... I thought to my self why the hell am I buying the anything?

I hate many others after her recent death due to cancer complications. She had always seen to mom's needs as she began early stages of forgetfullness. Maybe some of my EP friends talked to her and though:"Is this a joke??? She also did that once to Marline2222 and Daisy1610...

When my sister had a stroke and with in a week passed. for my sister and fight for her but today she showed me she doesnt give a **** about me at all. " cuz my sister said:"I am her sister, I'm Anna, the younger sister, Alex will back and chat with you. My little sister and her friends were over the other day.

As long as I can remember, my older sister has used me, screamed at me, been cruel, and, increasingly as we got older, physically harmed me.

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Growing up, I actually got along with my sister pretty well. I'm the eldest one and in my culture, the youngest always listens to their elders. She talks to me like i'm dumb just because her grades are higher than mine.

since she was born and i tried to take care of her and give her everything which i dint hav since i was a kid and made her join and explore hobbies, find her passion and try to advise her and guide her in d right way.