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23-Jul-2018 11:52

This gives us a false sense of satisfaction that takes away any weight on our shoulders that we need to pursue a woman right now.

Who needs to pursue immediately…we’re content in our gigantically-fictional plethora of options.

Since the Fall, we have lost that perfect view of God’s image.

Now we have Jesus to look to in order to get back to what we were created for.

For at least the past 40 years we have shifted focus solely on his .

He is a God with a perm in his hair who spreads pixie dust of love all throughout the Gospels.

At some point during mid-college, my compass switched from having predominantly guy friends toward a large influx of females friends.

For some time now, many conversations with those girls have turned into their wonder of I have had numerous heart-to-heart conversations with awesome, intelligent, Jesus-loving, beautifully single young ladies that pour out their frustrated hearts at why this is so.

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This nice guy generally doesn’t what to risk boldness but instead wants to play it safe.

Most importantly, as we’ve obtained this feminine worldview, we’ve lost some of our male skill/desire/trait to pursue the woman. Similar to before, many churches over the years have become afraid to talk about the “hard” things of the Bible.

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