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Together, the musicians honed a live show that featured as much comedic banter as actual music.Over the next two years, Mraz's following expanded outside of the San Diego limits and began to encompass Los Angeles, garnering the attention of record labels.

He also formed a duo with drummer Noel "Toca" Rivera, who accompanied Mraz's acoustic material by playing the djembe.

We would go see their concerts and go out on their boat in Malibu and meet them in Hawaii and it was just a normal thing with family friends. So when I write songs, I want them to make people feel that same way. I was shaking because I couldn't believe that was happening. I grew up watching SNL, and I always was a fan of Jason Mraz, and then I became friends with him when we wrote a song.

So then I surprised him and went out and sang "Gravity" with him at the end of his show. When we got a chance to perform it on SNL, it was just an unreal moment in my lifetime.

I was contemplating quitting, but then I realized that I do want this and I was giving up too easily.

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I had to break through all my fears and insecurities and really try hard to become the person I want to be.That can go fine too, but I've found it works best for me the other way.Tell me about the video for "Fallin' for You." Bobby Moynihan from SNL plays my love interest, and the whole video is about this guy who's not my type, but he does all these dorky things on our date that somehow impress me.“Lucky” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 96 for the issue dated January 31, 2009, The next week the song rose to number 84 on the and peaked at number 48.