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Among the whites there are approximately 60,000 foreigners, the greater number being North Americans, Central Americans, Spaniards, French, Italians, etc.

The form of government is republican; its head is a president, who is elected every six years; the legislature consists of two bodies, senate and chamber of deputies; and there is a supreme court.

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In 1908 ,001,000, ,300,000 gold and ,701,800 silver, was minted.

According to Clavijero the Toltecs came to Mexico about A. 648, the Chichimecs in 1170, and the Aztecs in 1196.

That their ancestors came from other lands, is asserted by all these tribes in their traditions, and the north is generally the direction from which they claim to have come.

Remarkable ruins, found in many parts of the republic, bear witness to the degree of civilization to which these nations had attained.

Chief among these may be mentioned the ruins of Uxmal and Chichen-Itza in Yucatán (Maya nation), those of Palenque and Mitla in Oaxaca (Tzapotec nation), the baths of Netzahua-coyotl in Texcoco (Chichimeca-Nahoa nation), and the pyramids of Teotihuacan (Toltec nation).

The four seasons of the year, common to most countries, are unknown in Mexico, owing to the entirely different climatic conditions.

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