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02-Dec-2018 17:55

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It is even worse because both sets of fees are opaque to the investor.By moving the 401k balance into an IRA, you will have transparency of the fees you pay. Consolidate assets are easier to manage – You can end administrative hassles if you consolidate your accounts.

In these instances, the 401k Plan will send you a letter telling you about the shift and asking you what to do.More options are better, and Rollover IRA can have many more options than 401k plans. Option to convert to a Roth IRA down the road – You have to rollover a 401k to a Rollover IRA, but once you have a Rollover IRA you can convert to a Roth IRA.A Roth IRA provides some advantages such as tax-free withdrawals, no minimum distributions at age 70 ½, and no penalties for certain early withdrawals. 401(k)s can have stale investment choices – By leaving your money in a 401k Plan, your investment choices may become stale.Knowledgeable investment professionals have been using managed futures for more than 30 years.