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New comers, youth and the veteran members will have many many opportunities to take on active role during its events, activities and festivities through out the year. This is achieved by preserving the best of Indian culture while creating mutual respect for both cultures based on American values of freedom, individual liberty and pursuit of happiness. Ravi Sarma The beginning In 1971, when Atlanta was still a charming southern town without sky-scrapers and Olympic dreams, there were but a handful of Indians who called it home.

A Personal Reflection: The Changing Role of IACA, Over the years. They were young, pioneering in spirit and patriotic.

The pioneering spirit and the patriotic zeal, which led to the establishment of IACA, were not that important anymore for the newer arrivals.

The constitution of IACA was amended to include representatives of other non-profit organizations in the board during the chairmanship of Vir Nanda.

Supply-chain management and optimization aims at reducing costs and inventories.

One way to increase the supply-chain efficiency is to use cross-docking for consolidating shipments from different suppliers.

A realistic problem studying the convenience of direct delivery, avoiding some cross-docking transfers, is here discussed.

An efficient methodology for finding (near)optimal solutions is also described.

Finally, we show computational results on numerous test problems and on four configurations of the addressed case study.