Craig dating danyl x factor

29-Jun-2018 07:45

'Adrenalin uses a lot of energy, so I need to decrease my insulin before I perform.It’s hard to get the balance right but I always decrease my insulin just before performing to be safe,' Amelia revealed.' An X Factor source said the argument rumbled on in Cowell's dressing room, with their shouting being heard by the show's staff along the corridor.At one point Jamie accused Cowell of 'wrecking this for me', the insider said.Colton has been spending spare time with Johnson over recent weeks, but the Liverpool singer insisted that their relationship was purely a professional one at the moment."It's been said that it was a date - it wasn't a date," Colton told Digital Spy."He came to the show a few weeks ago.He's been working on his new album with some amazing people," said the ex-biscuit factory worker."They were the kind of people that I would want to work with if I did anything, so we met up and he showed me some of his tracks. The X Factor team waited with baited breath to see whether he would pack up his bags and leave the show.But Jamie will stay to compete in tonight's line-up.

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You are finished if you sing that.'He apparently continued: 'You need to change your song and start learning the lyrics fast or you are not just going to let yourself down - but you'll let me down too.'When Cowell instructed Jamie, 34, to sing U2's ballad instead, Jamie protested: 'I don't know the words!

Forget Frankie Cocozza and Amelia Lily, because the latest romance rumour about Craig Colton has hooked up with 2009 contestant Danyl Johnson - following a sighting of them enjoying a romantic date on London's South Bank together.