Dating a mormon guy

06-Jan-2019 11:31

Of course, he should be attractive to you, and he should be able to financially provide for you. Does he live the principles of the gospel and magnify his priesthood? Does he love home and family, and will he be a faithful husband and a good father?These are qualities that really matter.” ~Ezra Taft Benson One of the keys to a happy and successful marriage is putting the needs, wants, and desires of someone in front of your own.You are going to be sealed for eternity, instead of focusing on the temporal focus on the eternal.Take your list and put an E next to everything that is an eternal attribute or characteristic, then put a T next to everything that is not eternal. Or at least realize that the temporal things are only added perks.So study the scriptures, learn how the Spirit speaks to you, make, keep and honor all of your covenants. In a matter of fact, girls asking guys on dates is actually a good thing.Serve others, and be build His Kingdom, think about becoming a temple worker even! As it will develop experience and empathy into what guys go through.

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In no other area is this as prominent than physical health.

We don’t read minds and we can’t really pick up on hints.