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I fell asleep exhilarated No thought about Dominick even crossed my mind. However, what threw her was that he never even asked her for her contact information. “I mean, he could meet another girl or maybe you won’t like him. Later on, when I was almost close to freaking out, we finally saw each other in the lobby. He looked like a Brazilian model: broad-shouldered, gorgeous and tanned in his white shirt and faded jeans. I stared at his broad back, until I must have shot holes through him with my deadly stare, because he turned around and gave me a glance. Practically forcing Jose and Pame on the dance floor, I danced nervously right in front of his eyes. Cursing everything under my breath and feeling completely invisible, I left the dance floor and went to go check the internet. In the middle there was another table with a few people playing cards. When I got enough courage, I finally looked at his expression. I threw awkward gazes at him, until Jose looked at me. I watched him swim laps in the pool all the while sighing like a fifteen year old.

I noticed him our first night in the restaurant while my American friend Pamela and I were eating dinner. The walking turned into sitting and sitting turned into lying as he spread out his sleeping bag on the ground.

I found this ridiculously endearing and kissed him. I wish we don’t go tomorrow.” “I wish we didn’t go tomorrow as well” I sighed.

“You are lying” he concluded and crossed his arms like a stubborn child. We could listen to some piano or go to a restaurant.

I knew I would have to spend my evenings watching their romance, while nothing would happen for me unless I wanted to give it a go with his unibrow friend. I spent half my night staring at a guy who wasn’t interested in me after all.

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The next day we spent exploring the extremely hot and tiring city of Rome, which is made especially annoying in August as it is swamped by tourists. He disappeared after dinner and I figured I wouldn’t see him again. Pamela, who was very outgoing and a little bit intimidating for some guys because she was quite masculine and dominating, somehow managed to meet a cute Colombian called Jose. I swear you cannot even see the Trevi Fountain behind all the Asians with their huge, expensive cameras.

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