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08-Feb-2019 16:10

The first two numbers indicate the day of the month. The last three numbers represent order of production on the day the guitar was made. ” To you folks, we offer the following: Several other serial number configurations used by Yamaha over the years. The first two numbers (07 in this example) are the day; 7th. Made in Taiwan, 2002-: Letter-letter-letter-######, like so: QJM120013. The first two letters are the year; QK=04 (see chart.) The third letter is the month; J=March.

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(Their numbering system began with “H” for 1.) The second letter indicates the month. Kaohsiung Factory, Made in Taiwan, 1971-2001: ########. The second and third numbers are the month; 09=September. In fact, this guitar sounds great for playing along to Tom Petty’s “Free Falling.” The label inside the guitar indicates it is a Model 5058, serial number 66563.