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11-Feb-2019 05:23

Successful career women are usually the ones who no longer rely on their parents for food, shelter and all their other basic needs.

In Thailand, our traditions and culture matter a lot to us.I enrolled in an English speaking and writing class. This helped me become who I am today — a real estate agent selling and leasing condominium units to Thai locals and foreigners. I am a Thai career woman who is currently dating someone with Western roots.This is how and where I met my boyfriend of two years, Adam. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about when I tell you more about Thai career women who are dating or are willing to date foreigners.I might be biased here because I’m from Thailand, born and raised; but let me tell you now that dating Thai women is a great experience that you will surely cherish all your life. Being born to a rural family had its perks but it can be very difficult too. For a while, I dreamed nothing but to get away from our small town and live a life of my own.

Truth be told, if you happen to chance upon a successful Thai career woman, all these struggles you thought existed would slowly fade away. I loved my family but I had bigger dreams —these dreams are just impossible to achieve if I continue being satisfied with what we had at home. Both of them were getting old and my father still had to make a living out of fishing. There are days when we had plenty but there are more days when we had to settle for nothing.

I studied hard and eventually earned a college scholarship in Bangkok. It was the beginning of an endless adventure that I continue to enjoy until today.