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(And if you do that and want a log of the agreement, you could email her personal email account from your personal account.Just be aware that it won’t count for as much unless you also have an email from her confirming what you wrote.) But I’m still pretty wary of that option.The company’s 20,000 staff, which include around 8,000 in the health sector, have been urged by Pw C, the company appointed to manage the liquidation, to continue coming to work and promised that they will be paid.An update by NHS Improvement on the contingency measures adopted in response to the collapse confirmed “the vast majority” of Carillion’s health staff did come to work despite the uncertainty.If she’s unable to work with someone she used to date, that’s on her, not on you — and in a well-functioning company, she’d be expected to either conduct herself professionally or remove herself from the situation. And if she is a powerful rainmaker type or otherwise highly valued, it’s more of a risk.And if you’re truly junior to her, a well-functioning company would have real concerns about legal ramifications of pushing out a junior person for getting involved with a senior one (it’s not inherently illegal for an employer to do that, but it would create risks around potential harassment allegations, for one thing). So it’s not that there’s no danger to you, but I’ve got to wonder about her motives in framing it that way to you.Without directly using work email to put it in writing to her, what would be the best way to officially have a log that could help me? I’m very aware that this might seem odd to our boss and open it up to scrutiny.If it would get to a point where my boss would straight up ask me what’s going on, I strongly feel that I should not lie and tell him the truth about the situation.

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Though I understand her feelings on this and I agree some separation would be helpful, I also want to make sure I’m being smart about this and protecting myself — for instance, documenting/logging this agreement to have documentation if it were ever needed. Furthermore, she’s going to speak to our boss to try and propose it in a way that doesn’t mention the relationship, but would still allow her to transfer me off of her projects.

Worst case scenario, it could be aggressively inaccurate.