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09-Nov-2018 09:57

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I told my fiancee I loved her after only a couple months and meant it. ;)well, they do have those "sexy diapers" now (an oxymoron if there ever was one) that makes your bum look even more shapely than w/o a diaper- for some of us) Honestly, I got so sick could hardly leave the house and needed to focus on getting well rather then getting a mate, so I pulled myself offline.....29 year old male. I didn't really get into detail about it, kind of just scratched the surface..

It'd be weird to be in love with someone who didn't know about your problems... Save the nasty details for a little later, but I am sure anyone who is worth dating would understand if you tell them about this chronic disease.. most people know at least one person with either Crohns or Colitis. Tasty :p Anyway, goodnight folks: I'll try to think of a more serious reply tomorrow (with my vast realms of relationship experience....

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I know, I know it sounds like your 1st grade teacher but really its true.

If you find someone who loves your ostomy (possibly even more then you do) then that person is one you should hold on to.

The right person with the right heart won't give a hoot about it.27 year old female Diagnosed with UC January 2014 via flexible sigmoid - hospitalized for 2 weeks Possible Pancolitis but currently pregnant and could not do a full scope as it requires sedation IV steroids in hospital, failed a taper and readmitted after 12 hours of discharge Started Remicade during second admission. I find it easy to be upfront with my friends though so I'm thinking I would bring it up around the 4th date or so if the conversation permitted and things were going well.

Once the relationship gets serious as in dating exclusively I would tell them ASAP before it is too late. If you wait too long then you could ruin a good relationship.We went from the bathroom being a private place to him getting daily updates of my BMs overnight lol.He stayed with me for days on end while I was in the hospital and heard and smelled things that nobody should!Unfortunately I have to use an ostomy bag until I have another surgery to reattach my small intestine. I have met a lot of wonderful ladies that I'd love to ask out and find that special someone but what happens when I have to explain my situation. Once I explained what happened to me she stopped returning calls and texts.