Dating painted dial grandfather clocks

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I returned to Bayo Canyon in the company of Taylor Wilson on October 16, and discovered my first radioactive token from this locality—a short piece of shielded two-conductor cable that reads about 600 CPM on a 2″ pancake Geiger tube.It’s not screaming hot, but it means there’s more here. Los Alamos’ TA-10 facility in Bayo Canyon entered its decommissioning phase in 1960, and since then the canyon floor has been subject to sustained scrutiny from cleanup crews.Scholars are of the opinion that these two religious requirements caused the development of mathematical astronomy in the Islamic world.One of important features of Islamic astronomy are the exhaustive tables mentioned above, which are called in the eighteenth century.The activity appears to be due to uranium and its daughters as determined by gamma spectroscopy.At first I thought the uranium was in the black vitreous glaze, but it actually appears to be distributed throughout the volume of the resistor material (also black in color).

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With the help of these tables, the two from every place in the inhabited world.

Thus, periodic surface surveys and searches were conducted in 1966, ’67, ’69, ’71, ’73, ’75, and ’76.

During such surveys a number of additional pieces of debris were located, with only a few of them being contaminated with “°Sr or including normal or depleted uranium.

Here is the list of friends who did the actual exploration and took photos. It was an exhilarating journey, but also a sad one because many of the sundials are deteriorating through sheer neglect.

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While photographs from Hyderabad, Pulicat, Mysore/Srirangapatna were taken by Subbarao K, Premnath M. Though originally designed to tell prayer times in mosques, with the availability today of more accurate watches, these antique sundials do not serve any practical purpose.

This photo depicts the canyon from its western rim last fall when I tried to get in with a friend.

When Prof. S. R. Sarma, an eminent authority on Indian astronomical instruments, requested me some months ago for photos of the sundial in the Jama Masjid, little did.… continue reading »

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