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Other colours were made, for example a Red Shield which appeared in Parker’s advertising and appears to have been sold in very limited numbers making it highly prized by collectors.A Black Circlet and a Red Circlet were also sold, again in extremely limited numbers, again making them among the rarest of the Harlequin 80 family.Unlike most major manufacturers of the era, Parker largely stayed away from the lever fill mechanism.Although they did produce some examples of lever fillers, they prefered their own homegrown mechanisms.The Vacumatic proved to be quite popular and many of the features, such as the visible ink supply, were imitated by other manufacturers.Parker enthusiasts consider the Parker 51 to be the most significant pen that Parker has ever produced and arguably the most significant fountain pen of the 20th century.The Duofold line would be de-emphasized in the 1930s in favor of the new Vacumatic line, introduced around 1932.

To add to the luxury, the new redesigned clips featured the feathered arrow that Parker still uses today, as well as an enameled "Blue Diamond" that signified the lifetime warranty.This limits air exposure, increasing the length of time you can leave the pen unused and uncapped before the nib dries out.The small tubular nib is encased in a collector with numerous thin fins (all concealed under the hood) that acts as a giant ink trap, further lengthening the uncapped time by keeping ink near the point and also regulating temperature and pressure changes more evenly by acting as a large buffer.The Duofold was a large imposing pen (initially released in a bright red color) with squared off ends.