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Ausar Un-Nefer, Osiris the Justified One, filled the existential void of death with a panoply of shamanic ordeals and divine interaction.Life was anything but dull in the Hall of the Lord of the Dead.The determinatives are: a sun symbol with a line to the ground and the seated god figure, which tells us that this ra is a god who localizes the energy of the sun, or great light.The phonetic symbols suggest, in hieroglyphic rebus fashion, that the waves give or supply the energy of the sun.As such it long out lasted the priests of RA, whose functions were usurped by Amun of Thebes.(Although a memorialized form of the ancient wisdom continued to be celebrated among the ruins of Heliopolis until the arrival of the Arabs in the seventh century of the Common era.)The union of these two god-forms produced the central mystery of the Egyptian religious experience.The Followers of RA, like the Henmemet, who visited Heliopolis in the early dynastic era, were real people, not spirits.It is from them that the concept of “God the Principle,” the “RA Function” passed to the priests of the City of the Sun.

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If we believe (as the early Egyptians thought) in the RA Function, the “One God who is All Gods,” then we will become like these light beings when we die.© 1995 Vincent Bridges In the theology of the priests of Heliopolis, we catch a glimpse of mankind’s earliest spiritual understanding of the nature of light.Those clever theologians managed to describe its relativistic quality ­­ nothing with any matter at all can go faster than light ­­ in terms of a mythological unity of great depth and philosophical complexity, the “operative and creative power” imagined by the Egyptians as the great god RA.The ancient Egyptians expressed this in the way they spelled the word, ra.

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The “r” sound is rendered as a mouth, or a vesica piscis and the “a” is the out-stretched hand symbol.

Like them, we will voyage forever in the Boat of a Million Years…Beliefs like these were popular with the priests and the intellectuals, but the mass of Egyptian people never wavered from their faith in the shamanic paradise of Osiris, a vegetation god whose worship created a cult of the deified dead.

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