Dating smith wesson pre 36 revolver

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I was appointed in 6/1966 and within 3-4 days after being sworn in, we were given a class on procedures and sent to the range to 'qualify' and had to get Blue uniforms right off of the rack and told to put the gray Probationary uniforms away and then put out in the streets of Brooklyn or the Bronx for Riot Control..

Yes, we bought everything that was required to wear from the ' NYPD Equiptment Store', located in 400 Broome St, NYC.

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Open the cylinder and look on the frame first, for a model designation. Then, at the very least you'll know the exact model number. I know it has some age to it and definitely has seen a great deal of action. ORG On it, there is a listing under HANDGUNS: REVOLVERS The first catogory is called IDENTITY OF S&W REVOLVERS The info you're looking for will probably be available there, by giving the required info .. Especially if you can place it at any major events in your fathers career or the previous cops career.

.38 Special), a slightly elongated version of the .38 Long Colt cartridge with greater bullet weight (158 grains) and powder charge increased from 18 to 21 grains of gunpowder.

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