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26-Oct-2018 21:19

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Being with my Spanish boyfriend has been an eye-opening experience.Dating someone from a different culture, especially one so different from the extremes of New York City, has its challenges.I actually think part of that comes from confusion with Latin American men, who I’ve found are actually much more romantic than the Spanish.That being said, this does vary depending on the person.I was lucky to have a solid base of Spanish when I came to Spain, but I’ve got friends who started their relationships with zero Spanish and their boyfriends had zero English, and they’ve made it work.However, things can get complicated when it comes to those inevitable arguments.And once you meet the family, you’re immediately a new member of their circle and they’re thrilled to have you. Also, it can sometimes be the case where your has nights set aside to eat with their family alone.

Weekly dinners or even daily lunches, where the whole family comes together, are really common.

It is also socially acceptable for young people to live at home until they are in a serious relationship or until they’re married.

If this is the case, it normally isn’t a big deal, especially if you have your own apartment where you can have your alone time.

I personally haven’t seen or heard of Spanish men randomly buying flowers or chocolates for their girlfriends, or trying to woo women by breaking out a guitar and singing to them.

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In fact, Spanish men are quite shy and not at all forward when it comes to talking to women.

When it comes to arguments, patience is always key, but even more so when you don’t share the same native language. The Spanish like to see where life takes them; they don’t limit what could happen on any given day by making strict plans.

So what's it really like dating Spanish men? It's difficult to generalise about such a diverse culture, but there are some general truths to look out for.… continue reading »

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