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Instead of CONCENTRATING on the conversation and getting to know the woman you’re interested in you will look like you’re applying for amateur hour drama school.Always remember that we’re dealing with REAL people with REAL hopes, dreams and emotions.::: 1 ::: Double Your Dating by David De Angelo ©2001-2005, All Rights Reserved ::: 2 ::: Double Your Dating What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women By David De Angelo ©2001-2005, All Rights Reserved Second Edition, Revised 2005 Double Your Dating by David De Angelo ©2001-2005, All Rights Reserved ::: 3 ::: Introduction It's taken me a long time to figure out all of the things that you're about learn. This book is meant to be used like an encyclopedia. The best way to use it is to read and find all of the parts that you like and note all of the ideas, skills, and techniques that you would like to work on and improve. Reread the parts that you want to learn and integrate. Then take those sections and either write them down or print them so you can review them and practice. And most importantly, DON' T STOP READING UNTIL YOU' RE DOING IT. Success with women isn't like success with learning to use a light switch. Sometimes it seems as though all of your practice isn't making a difference. Many people make the mistake of reading this book and then saying, "I know that stuff" before they've mastered the information through their experience. Double Your Dating by David De Angelo ©2001-2005, All Rights Reserved Keep reading and practicing and using it until you HAVE IT DOWN.

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When I was writing it I wanted it to be a bootcamp in a program. and I ended up picking up the hottest girl I have ever been with.This isn’t reading off a script to a video game and then either winning or losing.Always try to keep your head in the moment and in the conversation instead of trying to sort through a stack of super pickup’re just amazing ALL the time and let it shine through. I just call it being a man and embracing all the things that make us men.

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