Diversity dating

22-Jul-2018 04:55

But a large body of research on intergroup contact over 60 years shows clearly that mixing with people different from us reduces our prejudices, makes us trust them more and feel less threatened by them, and increases our empathy towards them. It’s fantastic to think that online dating could make a positive contribution to society.It might even be argued that it’s my civic duty to date.Keen to do more travelling overseas and more Kayaking camping trips soon.Online dating can broaden our horizons At last – a study that shows that we are more likely to date people from different ethnic groups when we’re online dating, compared with other more traditional dating methods!Previous studies have shown that online daters have a strong preference for their own ethnic group (Mendelsohn et al, 2014 and Hitsch et al, 2010 in the US; Potarca and Mills, 2015 in Europe).I’ll be writing in more detail about these studies at a later date. But this latest study by Potarca gives us hope that online dating might have an advantage.Everything is negotiable but generally somebody who is active, intelligent, with a good sense of humour and a open communicator.Although you may be career focused like myself, it would be nice if you also have a strong desire to settle down and perhaps consider a family in the future. Meeting and socialising with new people and establishing good friendships in this vibrant city.

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The study found that couples who’d met online were less likely to “stick with their own” when it came to education, religion and ethnicity, compared with those meeting in real life. Online dating can improve intergroup relations Working at the University of Oxford in the Oxford Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict, I’m delighted to find some evidence that online dating is a way for us to get to know people from other ethnic groups.