Emma stone gosling dating

01-Nov-2018 17:02

Emma Stone has a new man in her life: She’s dating “SNL” writer and segment director Dave Mc Cary, as exclusively revealed on “Page Six TV.” Mc Cary’s just the latest “SNL” staffer to date a Hollywood star to appear on the show.Ben Affleck’s dating show producer Lindsay Shookus, and “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost is seeing Scarlett Johansson after she hosted the show and later made a cameo as Ivanka Trump.This is all hear-say, so take it with a grain of salt; however, given how Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield began dating (ahem, the overlapping of Andrew’s relationship with Shannon Woodward), it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Emma and Ryan had, or almost had, a thing.Now, with all that being said, where does Eva Mendes fit into all of this?While the source says Eva does have a tendency to “very possessive and suspicious” to begin with, the actress may be on to something valid as the two were reported to be hooking up for long lunch dates where they would just talk hours without end!Read More: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: 8 Of Their Sweetest Couple Moments Another red-flag from The Hollywood Life is how Gosling and Stone hide their true intentions when they meet up, masking their dates using business and movie talk.However, sources have whispered in the past that Eva is not fully comfortable with Ryan’s relationship and closeness with Emma.She’s not insecure or jealous, per say, just not “fully comfortable.” Again, it’s not impossible to comprehend – imagine you’re home and watching your kids, and your husband keeps working with the same actress over and over again, an actress who is currently single, has a reputation (however undeserved or deserved) for hitting on other people’s boyfriends, and who is at the top of her career.

Stone — who stars as Billie Jean King in “Battle of the Sexes” — hosted the NBC comedy sketch show last December, but she also appeared as a surprise guest this month for its season premiere when her “La La Land” co-star Ryan Gosling hosted. Mc Cary and Stone were spotted together at the movie’s premiere in June.Emma Stone won Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in La La Land at this year’s Oscars, to the surprise of absolutely no one.When she won, she gave a long speech thanking everyone in her life for the honor, but she made time to single out her La La Land co-star, Ryan Gosling.Eva and Ryan have been dating for several years by this point, and they have two children together.