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12-Feb-2019 19:11

Whether or not a person listens to emo music, writes emo poetry, or adopts an alternative lifestyle is a personal decision that does not automatically have anything to do with the colour or cut of their hair.

Emo styles are unique, individual looks that say a lot about the persons style, but the emotions behind them may never be understood by anyone else.

But while he spun and danced and mouthed lyrics to himself, the decidedly young crowd found itself more at ease, and even began jumping and moshing (sparingly).

Nate Husser presented himself like a fairly typical party rapper.

When referring to a person's personality and attitude, most definitions of emo include a number of the following terms: sensitive, shy, quiet, sad, introverted, glum, self-pitying, mysterious and angst ridden.

Like the social and fashion trends of eras long gone, emo is not simply about the way you dress - it is a lifestyle.At its core, emo is all about being upfront with your emotions.Hot Topic even issued a patch that read, "cheer up, emo kid!People do tend to adopt at least the attitudes of the music they listen to most even if they don't admit it.