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16-Sep-2018 16:04

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A Chinese woman is closest to her mother so how well you get along with your girlfriend’s mother will also determine the success or failure of your relationship.

If your girlfriend likes you a lot and is serious about you, she will be very keen to get you into her mother’s good books.

“Everybody needs somebody” – so goes the song by the Blues Brothers.

It is very true that everyone needs a companion so if you are going to be living and teaching in China for a number of years, it is likely that you will experience dating in China at some point.

You are a foreigner in their country so they would expect you to discard all your customs in favour of theirs.

If you try to suggest to your Chinese girlfriend that you both go to your home country together to meet your parents, you may be told that this is not possible because according to Chinese custom, an unmarried woman cannot travel outside her home province with her boyfriend until after marriage.

In fact, it would be extremely unlikely that a such a woman would be willing to go out on a date with a man unless she has very strong feelings for him as a potential spouse.As soon as an engagement was on the cards, she resigned from her job on the excuse that her company had decided to relocate to another part of the same city and enduring a longer bus journey was too much for her.It was quite obvious that she thought that once she gets married, she will no longer have to work.So, not only will you have to buy gifts for your girlfriend, you will soon be expected to buy gifts for her parents as well!

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Chinese women can also be extremely inflexible and stubborn.

I personally know of some foreign teachers who have tried to date their students but although this is sorely tempting, DO NOT under any circumstances date a student. In the UK, romantic relationships between a teacher and a student are illegal and several teachers have been jailed for getting into a sexual relationship with their students. Your students and colleagues will gossip about you.