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"If girls are obsessed with systems and rules then the rules governing eating become very attractive.

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She only wished that when she wet and messed herself (which, thanks to the occasional enema) she did very easily.

Now Rachel was alone, sitting in her diaper online when an IM came up on the screen of her ABDL profile on a cool ABDL site. When she got their she saw her, and cautiously walked up to her.

A crinkle as loud as thunder, with each step."That's a good baby", Elise said with a kind smile. Rachel said "nope, I'm off work for a whole three weeks." Rachel worked part time at a tattoo shop she owned with a friend, titled "Heathers Grey".

Elise led her into what seemed to be a gigantic baby nursery. "Tut,tut...a messy baby, now lay back so mommy can change your diaper." With that Rachel laid back, the poop squishing against her backside. While Rachel and Elise are happy as mommy and baby and a love that will outlast all time.

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Elise quickly untaped her diaper, the smell nearly knocking Elise back "whew!

Boys with the diagnosis outnumber girls by between 10 and 15 to one.

FORCING A WOMAN INTO A BABY DIAPER GIRL. Rate This Story Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor. "Nuh uh, babies who wet diapers don't know how to walk."… continue reading »

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