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"This is pointless," grumbled Aaron as he stood with his twin brother, Mark, outside the newsagents. It was mid-morning at the start of the summer holidays, a dazzlingly bright July day. " Aaron whispered to Mark a moment later, referring to a middle-aged man who was approaching the shop. "Hi Aaron, hi Mark," he said, "Staying out of mischief? That was pretty much the only way the could be told apart, physically. Mark was the slightly more dominant one and Aaron was content to be lead. To try and avoid anyone they knew they had come all the way here, half-way across town.Overall the little home was very tidy, bearing in mind it was occupied by two students, although that was only becasue Judith tended to stalk through it with a duster and polish, cleaning up after Karen. Karen closed the door and lead the boys into the living room.

In fact, unlike Judith, Karen did not even plan on having a career; motherhood was the only occupation she wanted.Karen had flashed a grin at the child, who had blushed and waved at her.The boy's mother spotted her son, and more specifically the two big jiggling things to which his eyes were fixed upon, and had clipped him round the ear."Stop looking at that lady's boobs," "But dad is," the boy had grumbled.

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Karen never understood those women who bitched about men ogling them.

Karen enjoyed her housemate's little brothers coming over.