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She was with him now but I didn't have to watch anymore. I was 52, moderately successful in real estate, had a nice home and a lovely, 40 year old wife. Some of my friends said she was a trophy and I guess to some extent she was.

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He offered us chairs and guided Nikki into hers with his hand too far below her waist as he looked down her cleavage as she sat.'Oh, by the way,' Jimmy said just as we reached the door, 'if I do need to come to your house, you will be wearing that black dress, stockings and heels, won't you Nikki?We just stared at him and we knew exactly what he meant.I thought the little creep might ask if he could feel her ass and tits then fuck her right there on the desk.

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He listened to our story while alternating his stare from Nikki's tits to the hem of her short dress which had ridden up as she crossed her legs exposing her stocking tops, naked thighs and garter straps.'What'll I do about that dress Cardoza told me to wear? 'Better do what he said, we need to keep him in a pleasant mood,' I responded.Jimmy called and said he would arrive at seven and we'd better be home.Some said he was in the rackets and associated with the Mob but no one knew for sure, he was definitely not completely legit but he had never been charged with anything.