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Once their relationship approaches 20, you will get the next goal. Note that in this chapter you can't get the daily relationship with Mickey over 51 so don't get frustrated when it doesn't go over that number. Riley will just be hanging out around the house most of the morning.

When you've had enough of hanging out with your guests, click on one of them and choose Say Goodbye to... I would recommend that you have her work on her skills.

There are plenty of FAQs out there covering the basics of how to play this game, covering controlling sims, needs, wants, building, etc, so I'm not going to waste time covering the same ground. If a character wants to buy an object that is totally ridiculous like the bowling alley, you don't actually have to buy it.

The two things that are different are that SLS has goals in story mode and that once you finish story mode and move into free play the sims only have wants but no fears. It's easy to fulfil other wants and keep their aspiration meter green, gold or platinum.

The Sims Life Stories Walkthrough by engram_au engram_au(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au *** Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Riley's Story 2.1 Chapter 1 2.2 Chapter 2 2.3 Chapter 3 2.4 Chapter 4 2.5 Chapter 5 2.6 Chapter 6 2.7 Chapter 7 2.8 Chapter 8 2.9 Chapter 9 2.10 Chapter 10 2.11 Chapter 11 2.12 Chapter 12 3.0 Vincent's Story 3.1 Chapter 1 3.2 Chapter 2 3.3 Chapter 3 3.4 Chapter 4 3.5 Chapter 5 3.6 Chapter 6 3.7 Chapter 7 3.8 Chapter 8 3.9 Chapter 9 3.10 Chapter 10 3.11 Chapter 11 3.12 Chapter 12 *** 1.0 Introduction This is my first FAQ so I'm going to keep it simple.

I will assume that you either do the tutorial or have found out how to move around and interact with objects and sims in some way.

when you start the game all the points that you can use put it on you you go to the traning grounds and train you chakra until its to 50,then you train your strength until its to 50 in the training in the academy you raise your intelligence until its to 50,and do the same to the charm in the flower should have all your chakra bars and max stength you go to town hall and do missions until you have 5000 money,then you train all your chakra,strength,charm and intelligence to 99 each(thats the max and all this should take you to day 25th ish)then go for your desired boy.

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Go to the rewards icon, select the coffee maker and place it somewhere in the kitchen. Have Riley concentrate on talking to Mickey, then once their daily relationship score improves a bit have her tell him a joke by choosing Entertain... This takes less time than chatting and increases the daily relationship by several points at a time. Guests and everyone will sit down at the table and eat. It's just underneath the little figure showing a guy holding up two sacks. Most of her wants will have to do with earning money, progressing in her career and buying new and more expensive objects.

It's a good idea to choose the job that correlates to Riley's lifetime want. er email Once she's got a job, Riley will wonder if she got any email from her friends back in Sim City. Mickey will arrive shortly, bringing Agora with him. She'll give you a plant so it's not all bad, right? Time to use it :) For me, the Hit On option appeared when Riley's lifetime relationship to Mickey (the bottom relationship bar) reached 22.

The Sims Life Stories Walkthrough by engram. Harlow had been living in Sim City all her life. it's not exactly as though she's dating Mickey.… continue reading »

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