Getting back into the dating game after divorce

30-Dec-2018 18:53

I may get back in the game someday but for now, I’m content to watch from the sidelines and provide a little coaching every now and then.

a memoir recounting her colorful adventures as she dives into the dating pool after leaving a 20-year marriage stubbornly stuck in neutral.

It actually took about a year before my ego caught up with my emotions.

I eventually reconciled myself to the fact that things weren’t “fine” and I that had some work to do.

Finally, I had to practice enjoying my own company.

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It’s like those subway maps in New York, London or Paris.

I had this wrongheaded idea that I could play through the pain.

I was afraid of losing ground to others who were younger and savvier, with better moves.

Knowing when, who and how to date can be baffling after ending a marriage. The best piece of advice I ever received came from a tennis coach.

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He said, “Don’t play injured, it only makes things worse.” And of course he was right. The game he was referring to was the dating game, and my injury was a bruised heart.

The more people you meet the better your chances are of meeting someone you’d like to see again.

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