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The burg element is Anglo-Saxon and could refer either to a fortified place such as a burh or, more likely, a monastic enclosure; however the Glestinga element is obscure, and may derive from an Old English word or from a Saxon or Celtic personal name. Collen, one of the earliest hermits to inhabit the Tor before the Abbey was built by St.

Patrick, which has the Saint summoned by the King of the Fairies, Gwyn, to the summit of the Tor.

The track is one of a network of tracks that once crossed the Somerset Levels.

Built in the 39th century BC, during the Neolithic period, the track consisted of crossed poles of ash, oak and lime (Tilia) which were driven into the waterlogged soil to support a walkway that mainly consisted of oak planks laid end-to-end.

This is from Druid mythology, in which the mansion is made of glass so as to receive the spirits of the dead, which were supposed to depart from the summit of the Tor.

The Domesday Book indicates that in the hundred of Glastingberiensis, the Abbey was the Lord in 1066 prior to the arrival of William the Conqueror then tenant-in chief with Godwin as Lord of Glastingberi in 1086.

The Glastonbury Festival. The western wing of the Aquarius phoenix was a road laid in 1782 to run around Glastonbury, and older maps dating back to the 1620s show.… continue reading »

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Glastonbury Festival. 224 likes. Keeping you up to date with the latest for Glastonbury.… continue reading »

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