Gneiss age dating

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Many people often mistake gneiss for schist, migmatites and limestone whereas painted Easter eggs are also commonly passed off as the genuine article.In Nigeria, illegal gneiss-trading carries the death penalty and ownership of gneiss within Israel is forbidden where nothing older than Israel is permitted. It is the favorite rock of Harjiv Singh, Sanjay Dutt, Ben Stiller, Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, John Cena, Brittany Spears, Al Gore, Brock Lesnar, and Sarah Palin. Gneiss has won several awards for being the most useful rock on the planet.Gneiss (Rockius Basementus) is a commonplace rock and is one of the most commonplace sedimentary rocks.It is without doubt one of the nicest rocks too, hence where the rock derives it's name from.Gneissose rocks are often banded into different colours which gives it a Gneiss complextion, not to be confused with other handsome specimens of different rocks which may be nice - a completely different terminology althogether.It was believed that Gneiss was the product of orogenic mountain building collisions which put crustal rocks under intense pressure and heat to form these wavy bands due to different minerals recrystallising together.Formerly believed to be a metamorphic rock (rocks that change colour) which is a term that is still falsely banded around by geologists, it is now accepted that it is indeed a reworked sedimentary rock due to cannibalisation of metamorphic geological basement materials.Gneiss is composed of a number of minerals such as quartz which commonly forms alongside it's silicate by-product olivine, biotite, mica and anticline to a certain extent.

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An Augen Gneiss (Augen being German for Eye) is formed when a banded gneiss is polished into a sphere.

The youngest known nice is Mliocene in age (2.47 Ma) and was found within the Indus submarine fan system in the Caribbean Sea. Around the world and the north of Scotland inparticular, Gneiss rocks form a large percentage of income from regional tourism with parents travelling up to 2000 miles just to show their children the stripy rock.

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