Gpupdate not updating folder redirection

29-Nov-2018 12:55

other times only the desktop will load and the documents, start menu, pictures etc... will still be pointing to the old redirection share or to the local profile. This means other than a few program setting the users is unlikely to lose any work.The exception to this is the App Data folder however if you are trying to preserve this folder as well note you may be copying over the issues that are trying to fix. Before you log off that computer go to the path you noted in step 1 and delete (or rename) the roaming profile for that users on the network.User State Virtualization) post you probably know that roaming profiles can be super useful feature to implement.However over the years roaming profiles have got a bit of a bad wrap as sometime things can and do go wrong.Ive had a server 2008 box running as a file server for about a year now without a hitch.

gpupdate not updating folder redirection-15

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Now when a user logs on some profiles load fully and show documents, desktop, pictures etc...

Is there another way to configure the dns to stop this happening?