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In Roman times, Newcastle - then called Pons Aelius - was a fort on Hadrian's Wall, and during the Saxon period, it was known as Monk Chester on account of its many religious houses.

The city owes its present name to William the Conqueror who, like Hadrian before him, recognized its strategic importance.

Built in Neoclassical style by David Stephenson in the 18th century above the tomb of Roger Thornton (d. 1411), this catholic church possesses a great deal of elaborate mahogany woodwork along with what is believed to be the largest brass in England.

At the north end of Grey Street stands the 135-foot-high Grey's Monument, a favorite meeting place in the heart of the city.

Built in 1835 in memory of the second Earl Grey, it commemorates his role as Prime Minister and architect of the 1832 Reform Bill.

The column's viewing platform - a 164-step climb and only occasionally open to the public - boasts superb views of the city.

An enormous shopping complex has developed around Eldon Square, comprising the shopping center of the same name, Eldon Garden, and the Central Arcade.

The area has numerous passageways lined with shops, elegant arcades, exclusive designer boutiques, restaurants, and cafés, as well as a number of fine antique stores on Vine Lane.

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The thoroughfare and the area around it, Grainger Town, are named after Richard Grainger, the architect behind the rebuilding of the city center between 18.

Regardless of what your interests are, Houston has attractions just right for you.

From Space Center Houston (home to NASA's Mission Control) to the largest Fine Arts Museum in the Southwest, the options are many.

The Quayside district around the Tyne and High Level Bridges has been redeveloped, and many of the old houses are now hotels, shops, and restaurants.

On Sandhill, a number of historic buildings can be seen, including the Guildhall (1658) and the Merchants' Court.Along the way, you'll find fascinating displays of archaeological artifacts, while the tower offers excellent views over the city.Although separated from Castle Keep by a train line, the gatehouse (the Black Gate) was built in 1247 and is also worth exploring.Interior highlights include the canopied font and lectern (both dating from 1500), the organ (1676), and numerous fine statues (15th to 20th centuries). To the east of the Tyne Bridge is one of the oldest parts of Newcastle, the Chares.

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