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27-Jun-2018 00:48

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Rashad said even the late Abdulhalim Hafiz, one of Egypt’s most famed singers who was dubbed the “king of Arabic music,” had to undergo the test.The decision does not affect private radio stations in the country.The news comes only a day after Rashad announced that songs by Egyptian musician Hamza Namira would no longer get any airtime on the station.Namira, whose repertoire includes a song titled “Anti-coup,” has been criticized as being an alleged supporter of the now banned Muslim Brotherhood.Haifa Wehbe revealed during her interview with Nawarat that she tried everything to please her ex husband Ahmad Abu Hashima.

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J-Lo saw texts between Casper and Haifa, that’s how she uncovered the affair.

Maybe it is time for Lopez to start practicing what she preaches, and cut off cheating Casper for once and for all.

At this stage, Casper is never going to be loyal to her, because he knows that if he cheats on her she will just forgive him and eventually take him back.

Wehbe, considered one of the world's most beautiful women and a huge star in the Middle East, has apologised to Egypt's Nubian community for any offence she may have caused with the lyrics of her song Where is Daddy?

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According to a statement released by El Sobky Production Company last Wednesday, Wahbe is no longer allowed to participate in any Egyptian musical or cinematic production, as decreed by the Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate and the Cinema Syndicate.

In Namira’s defense, renowned Egyptian film critic Tarek el-Shenawy told Al Arabiya News that the decision would not harm the singer, who he said had gained more supporters as a result of the ban.