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The sole qualification of his successor in 1565, a man by the name of Edward Rest, The Bridewell Governors largely interpreted the role of keeper as that of a house manager and this is clearly reflected in the occupations of most appointees as they tended to be inn-keepers, victualers or brewers and the like.

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The committee of inspection found 21 inmates with only two having been admitted during the previous 12 months.

Having been thus one of the few metropolitan hospitals to have survived the dissolution of the monasteries physically intact, this joint administration continued, not without interference by both the crown and city, until incorporation into the National Health Service in 1948. And in that place be found many men that be fallen out of their wit.

Product/Service. PESO SENSE. Financial Service. There are Rohingyas who are being slaughtered but they only choose to indict me He said he’s prepared.… continue reading »

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VA History in Brief The result of the new law was an immediate increase in pensioners. From 1816 to 1820, the number of pensioners increased from 2,200 to 17,730.… continue reading »

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